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Dated: 7:54am on Monday 10th June 2019

Strategy Guide About Job, School, Happiness, Important Tips, Friends.

The Basics for Freshers

If you are fresh out of college, it is time to get into real life. Paying rent, finding a job, and somehow still finding some time to socialize. In New In Town, the challenge is to balance the time of your day so that you earn money, stay healthy, and keep your happiness up.

Limited Time

Everything you do in New In Town requires time, and you only have a limited amount of time a day. You can do everything you want during the day, as long as you have the time to do it. If you run out of time, the day ends and you return to your apartment.

new in town


To get the most out of your day,  some rules are there which  you should remember:

  • You start the day with a basic time of 1,000 units.
  • In case  you end a day with time to spare by going home and going to sleep, you will get the “early bed bonus” and receive 50 extra time units for the next day.
  • In case  you end a day without having eaten, you will loose 100 time units for the next day. You can only eat once, and it can be a cheap cookie or a full meal; as long as you eat something.
  • In case  your happiness is less than 750 at the end of a day, every point below 750 will be deducted from your time units for the next day.
  • Any action you perform uses up 100 time units, regardless of what it is. Doing a job, watching a movie, taking a class; it all uses 100 time units.
  • If you have less than 100 time units left, but more than 0, you can still perform one action.

 new in town

Important Note: Traveling to and performing actions at your friends’ towns does not deduct from your normal time units. Moreover, you have a limited amount of actions to perform at each of your friends’ towns each day.

In case  you wish to have more time in a day, you can go to a health center like the gym to enroll in a class and increase the amount of time units you start a day with.

 new in town

Kinds of Days

The Game New In Town is bifurcated into days. As narrated above, the length of your day depends on the amount of time units you’ve earned the day before. When a day ends and a new day starts, the day counter at the top will decrease by one, and you will have another set of time units to make the best use of.

Generally,  you can only have a maximum of four working days you can use at once, but one working day will recharge over the course of 30 minutes. When you level up you will receive an extra working day regardless of how many you have; this way you can have five working days.

 new in town

If you run out of working days (green bar), you will get four leisure days (purple bar) until a working day has recharged. On a leisure day, you can still run around town, eat, visit, shop, and such,. But you will not be able to work, so make sure you have the money to do things on a leisure day, or wait for a working day to recharge.

new in town

Take Note: The days in New In Town are not related to your actual days. For example, if on Sunday you stop playing the game without ending the day, when you return on Monday, the game will still be the same as when you left.

Getting Around

Ah, the daily commute. Unfortunately, even in New In Town you will have to spend time to get from one place to another. When you hover your mouse over a location, you will see how many time units it will take to go there.

 new in town

To get around faster, and save time, you can purchase a vehicle. When hovering over the different vehicles for sale, the second icon on the left will indicate how much faster you will travel using that vehicle. For instance, a journey of 150 time units on foot would only take 100 time units on a bike.

 new in town

Job and School

To pay the bills, you will need to get a job and work. At city hall you can view the different jobs that are available. When hovering your mouse over a job, you can see how much the wage is and what the requirements are for getting that job. If you fulfill these requirements, simply click on it and accept the job to take your career to the next level.

 new in town

There is a dollar sign on the map, you should look for this sign to go to your job. While there, click on the character with a dollar sign over his head, your boss, and click on the work button to perform a job action and earn money.

new in town

In the bottom left corner, you will see a bar saying “until expert.” This shows how many times you need to perform a job action to become an expert in that position. When you reach expert status, you will be able to get hired for a better job, and while working as an expert, you receive a $1 expert bonus on top of your standard wage.

Take Note: Be conscious that working costs you 60 happiness points for every action, so be sure to calculate some leisure time into your day to stay happy.

Sometimes though, getting ahead in life means developing your skills. Some jobs not only require expertise in the job, but also additional skills, such as intelligence, practicality, and charisma. To improve on these, go to the local college and choose a class that helps you improve in the area’s you want to improve on.

Take Note: While intelligence and practicality are skills only learned in college, your charisma can also be improved by wearing different clothes.


Everyone needs some down time in their life. Balancing work and leisure time is the key to happiness, in both real life and in New In Town. The yellow bar on the top of your screen indicates your happiness. Working costs 60 happiness points per action, while things like eating, buying items and petting your animal increase your happiness.

At the time when you start the game, the only place you can go for leisure is the cinema. As you unlock more area’s in New In Town, you will find more places you can relax and increase your happiness.

 new in town

The happiness threshold is (usually) 750 points. If you end the day below that, it will be deducted from your time units. If you end the day above the threshold, you get the maximum amount of time units. In both cases, you will always start a new day with the happiness points you ended with.

Since the dawn of man, animals have been around as a companion, either to help hunt or to bring happiness to the family life. Having a pet in New In Town can make you happier as well. Once every 10 hours, you will be able to feed your pet and get happiness points.

In case you own multiple pets, they each have their own feeding time. To switch to different pets, click on the living room button at the bottom and your other pet(s) will show up.

 new in town

Important Tip: You can only eat once a day. Choosing what you eat doesn’t only affect your wallet, but also your happiness. Eat something fancier, and your happiness will increase more. If you plan to eat near the end of your day, you know how much happiness you need to stay over the threshold and can base your choice of food on that.

Socializing with Friends

Of course, there is  more eating and shopping in life than working. Socializing with friends is a great way to become even happier. While you can always quickly select your Facebook friends at the bottom of the screen, you can actually develop friendships with the characters in the game.

Friends which are in game, love hanging out at the local hot spot, Cafe des Amis, therefore, in case you intend to go watch a movie with someone or get a bite to eat, visit there and take one of your friends with you. Who knows, you might even find a friend for life.

new in town

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