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Dated: 7:54am on Monday 10th June 2019

Ninja Saga: Kinjutsu and Skill Building Guide

To  make things short, Ninja Saga’s late game experience will all come down to your 8 jutsus plus your Extreme and 2 Secret Talent Skills. Since most of your 8 jutsus will come from token jutsus, refer below and pick 2 (Free User) or 3 (Emblem User) Element Kinjutsus that you need together with your Element Attribute and Talent Skills.

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Wind Token Kinjutsus

  • Lvl 10 Evasion (+40% Dodge) (3 turns)
  • Lvl 20 Blade of Wind (Bleeding Effect: Target +25% damage taken) (3 turns)
  • Lvl 30 Wind Peace (+20% Dodge and 8% CP recovery for the whole team) (3 turns)
  • Lvl 40 Dance of Fujin (Reduce 4 cooldown turns of Non-Talent Jutsus that are resting) (instant)
  • Lvl 50 Infinite Whirlwind Breakthrough (Remove all negative status, reduce 1 Wind Ninjutsu Cool Down on every attack the player receives.) (2 turns) NEW!
  • Lvl 60 Fujin Vacuum Storm (Reduce 20% critical chance (4 turns), increase 3 Lightning Ninjutsu cool down, receives 120% damage if player is under "Kinjutsu: Infinite Whirlwind Breakthrough" status effect.) NEW!


Fire Token Kinjutsus

  • Lvl 10 Fire Power (All Attacks +40%) (3 turns)
  • Lvl 20 Hellfire (Burn Effect: Target -3% HP per turn (3 turns)
  • Lvl 30 Fire Energy Excitation (Use Jutsus without consuming CP) ( 3 turns)
  • Lvl 40 Rage of Yama (All Attacks or Damage taken +20% and Reflects all damage taken to the attacker) (3 turns)
  • Lvl 50 Fire Phoenix Breath (Remove all negative status, ignore 30% of target's dodge.) (4 turns) NEW!
  • Lvl 60 Yama Great Fire Cannon (Reduce 20% dodge (4 turns), increase 3 Wind Ninjutsu cool down, reduce 8% HP on attack if player is under "Kinjutsu: Fire Phoenix Breath" status effect.) NEW!


Thunder Token Kinjutsus

  • Lvl 10 Lightning Charge (Critical Chance +40%) (3 turns)
  • Lvl 20 Lighting Flash (Blind Effect: Target -70% Accuracy) (2 turns)
  • Lvl 30 Flash Lightning Bundle (Target -40% Dodge and -8% CP when target attacks) (3 turns)
  • Lvl 40 Armor of Narukami (Damage, Critical Chance and Accuracy +15%) (3 turns)
  • Lvl 50 Ultimate Lightning Boost(Remove all negative status, stun target 1 turn with Lightning Ninjutsu.) (2 turns) NEW!
  • Lvl 60 Narukami Great Lightning Bullet(Reduce 20% reactive force chance (4 turns), increase 3 Earth Ninjutsu cool down, receive 100% Critical Hit if player is under "Kinjutsu: Ultimate Lightning Boost" status effect.) NEW!


Water Token Kinjutsus

  • Lvl 10 Water Renewal (Regenerate 13% CP every turn) (3 turns)
  • Lvl 20 Water Bundle (Restrain Effect: Target will not be able to use any jutsus) (2 turns)
  • Lvl 30 Prison Colliding Wave (Stun and Reduce target's HP and CP by 2%) (2 turns)
  • Lvl 40 Shield of Suiten (Take damage by CP instead of HP. Ratio: 1 CP = 2 HP) (3 turns)
  • Lvl 50 Shark Encampment Shield(Remove all negative status, + extra 30% healing effect on water healing Ninjutsu and healing scroll (3 turns), -10% target's CP on every attack the player receives.) (3 turns) NEW!
  • Lvl 60 Strong Arm of Suiten(Reduce 20% combustion chance (4 turns), increase 3 Fire Ninjutsu cool down, reduce 50% damage if player is under "Kinjutsu: Shark Encampment Shield" status effect.) (4 turns) NEW!


Earth Token Kinjutsus

  • Lvl 10 Golem Protection (Reduce all Damage taken by 40%) (3 turns)
  • Lvl 20 Earth Absorption (Drain 15% of target's current CP) (instant)
  • Lvl 30 Hidden Among Rocks (Reduce damage taken for 100% for 1 turn and increase attack damage for 75% in the next turn) (instant and a turn)
  • Lvl 40 Embrace of Golem (Recover 5% HP every turn and will not be affected by any negative status) (3 turns)
  • Lvl 50 Golem Rock Gauntlets (Remove all negative status, reduce 25% damage (2 turns), if any Earth Ninjutsu is used, next turn reduce 100% damage.) NEW!
  • Lvl 60 Golem Great Smash(Reduce 20% purify chance (4 turns), increase 3 Water Ninjutsu cool down and ignore disable target from healing if player is under "Kinjutsu: Golem Rock Gauntlets" status effect.) (4 turns) NEW!


Other Common Jutsus Used along with Token Kinjutsus (8 slots)

  • Lvl 9 Feather Illusion (Put target into Sleep Effect. Any damage dealt to the target will break the effect.) (3 turns)
  • Lvl 25 Falling Leaf Illusion (Remove all buff from target) (instant)
  • Lvl -- Taijutsus - For Eight Extremities Users
  • Lvl -- Refresh - For Water Ninjutsu Users  


For building characters, you can make your Element Attribute as your base and create your own set of Jutsus and Talents around it. You can also pick your favorite Talent/s as your base then figure out what Attribute/s and Jutsus is best for your choice.  

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