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Dated: 7:54am on Monday 10th June 2019

Complete Guide To Learn Secret Talents After You Hit Lvl 50 and Lvl 60 At The Talent Building

Secret Talents can be learned at the Talent Building right after you hit Lvl 50 and Lvl 60. Choose wisely because once you have learned a Secret Talent, you can never unlearn it.

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Secret Talents



  • First Secret Talent - Lvl 50 and above  
  • Second Secret Talent - Lvl 60 and above  
  • Training Fees


Secret Talent Info:  

  • Passive Skills - always active, and you do not have to launch or click the skill.  
  • Active Skills - you do have to launch or click the skill.  
  • All Stats below are based on it's max Lvl (Lvl 10).  
  • Before you start to level up another skill, you have to upgrade the previous skills to at least level 5.


Demon Sound

1,000,000 Gold - Emblem and Free Users - (Thunder & Wind)


Demon Song - Passive Skill  

  • 60% chance to reduce target's damage by 10% (3 turns) upon using Thunder or Wind Ninjutsus.


Demon Song: Phantom Wave - Active Skill  

  • Reduce target's accuracy by 20% (3 turns).  
  • Reduce target's critical rate by 20% (3 turns).


Demon Song: Song of Fantasia - Active Skill  

  • Put target's 1 random skill into 8 turns cooldown (can be extended).


Explosive Lava

1,000,000 Gold - Emblem and Free Users - (Fire & Earth)


Explosive Lava - Passive Skill  

  • Increase attack damage by 5% (1 turn).


Lava Shield - Active Skill  

  • Inflict Lava on target (target receives extra 20% damage from fire/earth ninjutsus and C4 Exploding Clay) (2 turns).  
  • Reduce target's dodge rate by 10% (2 turns).


Lava Spirits - Active Skill  

  • 30% Chance to inflict Burn (2% HP reduced) (2 turns).


Hidden Silhouette

400 Tokens - Emblem Users Only - (unknown)


Silhouette Capture - Passive Skill  

  • Any attack gives 15% chance to inflict Capture (Reduce target's dodge rate by 10%) (3 turns).


Secret Silhouette: Strangle - Active Skill  

  • User and Target get Stunned (3 Turns).  
  • Reduce target's HP by 2% (3 turns).  
  • Increase Silhouette Capture chance by 15%.


Secret Silhouette: Extinguish - Active Skill  

  • Restrict target (2 turns).  
  • Increase Silhouette Capture chance by 15%.


Enraged Forest

1,000,000 Gold - Emblem and Free Users (Water & Earth)


Nature Power - Passive Skill  

  • 30% chance to recover 5% HP & 5% CP upon using Earth or Water Ninjutsus.


Secret Enraged Forest: Smothering Bind - Active Skill  

  • Stun target (2 turns).


Secret Enraged Forest: Matsuri - Active Skill  

  • Entwine target with explosion of giant branches of a tree.  

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