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Dated: 9:24am on Friday 14th July 2017

soccer manager is a game in which you manage whole team and straegies in such a way to make your team win tournament

Online soccer is a great and simple game..but achieving heights is not a game of everybody so in order to make everything smoother for we have brought certain tips...so just follow them and do wonders...

1. Check the scout list websites..which can make your life a whole lot easier as he is out there to choose the best player but check online first select and then dispatch your scout to the desired location.

2. Complete the in-game offers- if you don't have enough money for tickets, then check out the special offers as supplied by supersonic. Choose the right one you'll get a ton of free tickets by downloading the game or try out mobile bonus based games. It may be frustrating but it worth to get a ton of tickets free.

3. Look for more private funds- are main currency and the best way is to tell players and win more games. Try to sell them at high enough to get the most out of it. Plus you can also accumulate trophies.


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