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Dated: 2:34am on Sunday 11th June 2017

Panda pop is an exiting game which goes tougher and more exciting by each level, more quest can be unlocked using below strategy.

Panda pop is a game of fun and of lots of quests..its a game meant for all age groups..and is being enjoyed globally. one can easily pass the time..but to cross every level required certain tricks and skills..if you really want to clear tough levels then follow these tips and tricks..

  • Unlimited Lives- Similar to other games, When out of lives go to settings and change your time to 2 hour ahead and get you lives full. This will help you get lives instantly. For Facebook users you should open game in two tabs once you are out of lives use older tab and get lives back.
  • Make the colors- The more bubbles you can take out in one shot, the more likely you are to free a baby panda. Watch for block colors of bubbles where more than one baby is trapped so you can double your points in a single toss. If target is missed it will become a barrier instead of deleting bubbles. So manage time to line up the shot for the perfect match.
  • Watch the basket- The basket next to mother panda is your clue as to what bubble colour is coming next. Simply tap the throw counter to switch the basket bubble with the bubble in mama panda' s hand. The counter will tell you how many bubbles remain for the level.
  • Make strategy before each throw- Keep throwing even if you don't have a clear shot. Even if there is no shot at all..try to so your throw off to a side that won't obstruct a future shot to clear out a bunch of bubbles or free a baby. A wise step would be to find a spot where you can place the bubble onto a big group of bubbles of the same colour. Just swap color if it will help you make a shot sooner than later so things don't start collecting on your again.

  • Bank shots- As you forward you will find the game more difficult. In order to take out colour section be very smart to make bank shots off the side of the screen. Getting a baby will be become more harder and even less boxes will be there. So you got be really smart in order to get them.
  • Lanterns and fire- After the 3 new power ups will come on the left of screen and increase in power as you destroy clusters. When you tap it, your next bubble become explosive. When launched, it causes an explosion that will clear out entire sections of multi coloured bubbles. You will get bubbles alight above mama panda. When the lantern connects to one of tiny fires, you will get 1000 points, if lanterns is empty and you need it to free same bear cubs; it worth spending some coins.

  • Lanterns and vines- When green lantern appears on left of screen, par it up by taking out as sections of bubbles. Once it's start glowing, tap it to power up the bubble the mother panda is holding. When the ball on is low and varies will snake up and take out a vertical row of bubbles whenever you launch the bubble it will help to reach a baby that is a few rows and of reach 3 vines are released to take out three vertical rows when it's connected to same colored bubbles.
  • Combine Multiple Lanterns - When red, blue, blue and green light appears, every section of ballons that you will take out gives them power..mix them according to you need, once they are glowing you can use them to launch a ball of force. This will help to remove the stubborn multicolored section which took very long time to clear. Use all of them will bring a dragon which clear out half of them screen, but you can use it once so think before mixing you may require only one and save rest for future.

To sum focus on these points like save the pandas, set the target carefully, play game with target achieve in mind, use skilled balls to your advantage, keep working as per changing pattern..


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