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Dated: 7:54am on Monday 10th June 2019

Strategy Guide About Coins, Cash, Prestige, Energy, Puzzle Scenes, Bonus, Buildings, Expanding, Materials, The Shop, FAQ.

Elements and Point System

Coins:  As a reward, coins are obtained for playing scenes and can also be collected from buildings. Coins are utilized to purchase buildings and decors.

Cash: Cash is the game’s hard element, you can only get it by purchasing it with real money

Prestige: Prestige (hibiscus flower) is not spen t, but rather accumulated, just like XP points and levels in other games. These are used to unlock new scenes and unlock some buildings.

Energy : Energy is what you need to play scenes. Each scene play costs 1 energy point. You can get more energy by asking friends or waiting for the energy bar to replenish itself (max 5 energy points.). Each point of energy takes 20 minutes to replenish

Get Badges : Badges are obtained by playing scenes. They work like prestige since they are only collected, and allow you to unlock buildings.


Access to Scenes Menu

You can access the scenes menu through the magnifying glass at the bottom. Scenes are divided into chapters, each one having 5 regular hidden-object scenes and 1 puzzle scene. So far there are 6 chapters to investigate. When you position the mouse over each scene, you will see how many points you are missing for the next badge to be obtained.

Each locked chapter needs a certain amount of prestige to get unlocked, click on the chapter number in the scenes menu to see what is the prestige requirement.

Each scene played costs 1 energy

Each point of energy takes more than 15 minutes to replenish, and that’s the main reason people complain, since once you empty your energy bar, you do have to wait a lot of time to come back and play again, unless you actually buy energy packs with cash that is.


Unlocking of Puzzle Scenes

Puzzle scenes are the last scene of each chapter to be unlocked. These scenes are not time-based and you need to complete them in order to open the following chapter. You are required to find different pieces and create working objects, making them interact with other objects in the scene. When these scenes are completed, you will get to complete a mini-game within Pearl’s Journal that rewards you with cash when finished.

Scenes Gameplay

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Your objective when playing scenes is to get as many points as possible by finding objects, this will allow you to reach badge thresholds sooner which is why you are playing the scene afterall.

The rewards for successfully finishing the scene are not only badges, but also coins and sometimes materials.

Objects will get added to the scene as you obtain more badges, you start out with a pretty simple scene and it becomes quite flooded with new objects once you get the fourth badge

In case you cannot manage to find an object by yourself, you can use the magnifying glass, which can be used repeated times, however, you need to wait some time in order for it to fully reload and become available again.

In case you find two or more objects in a row, you will activate the bonus bar, which grants you bonus points. You need to keep finding objects without the bonus bar resetting to keep getting greater bonuses. If you miss a click does not reset the bar, neither does using the hint [unlike other hidden-object games].

There are three parameters that determine your score on each scene play;

Base Score: this is determined not only by the objects you find on each scene, but also obtained through the bonus multiplier when you start finding multiple objects in a row without letting the bonus bar reset.

Hint Bonus:  If you use hints very rarely,  you will get more points.

Time Bonus: Although there will not be a timer for you while playing the scene, it does matter how long you take to finish the scene, it counts as a bonus towards your score.

Accuracy Bonus:  The less miss clicks when trying to find an object, the better, do not click if you are in doubt.

Special Missing Objects

Each scene, besides the regular objects, has a total of 3 special missing objects, your character will appear randomly, for a total of 3 times, asking you to find a special hidden object, by doing so, you help her complete her journal. Finding these objects does not yield any special reward though, It is merely to complete the storyline.


Know about The Island

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Where the rest of the game takes place, it is said to be the Island, and it is the key to your progress, since all objects placed here let you unlock new scenes and complete the journal. Besides the buildings you construct here, there’s nothing else that you can interact with.


Know about Buildings

Buildings Yield Coins :  In case you position the mouse over any given building, you will notice a counter. Once it reaches zero, you can collect coins from it and reset it for another round. We suggest that you first focus on buildings, and once you have plenty of them, start with the decorations, this is because buildings give you coins, which creates a virtous circle, otherwise you will find yourself having enough prestige but not having enough coins to purchase the unlocked buildings.

You can move or sell/delete a building by using the “arrow” tool, located at the bottom bar.

 pearls peril

Upgradation of Buildings :  All buildings, after being installed, can be upgraded a total of 3 times maximum, but you require to gather all materials specified within the building’s menu to actually upgraded.


Collection of Materials

Materials needed for buildings are collected from scenes. The items are obtained randomly from each finished scene as a reward, besides coins of course. Expect to play lots of times without seeing any material though.


Expanding - Exploring Regions

Importantly, you will run out of space to put buildings, this is where you should unlocking new regions, which are locked areas covered by mist. Each locked region has a set of 3 requisites which are; Coins, Badges and Compasses (these drop from scenes as well).


Prestige Points to Unlock New Scenes

Prestige points let you unlock new scenes, they are obtained by building stuff on the island, your pretige points are shown at the top middle bar, you cannot purchase Prestige points. All the things you can buy are located at the Shop menu, which is accessed through the old-fashioned checkout counter at the bottom bar. Prestige, just like Badges, are not actually spent, they are sort of an equivalent to levels and XP points in other games, once you reach a certain threshold, new scenes are unlocked.


The Shop

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The Shop is divided into 4 categories such as, Paths and Rivers, Decorations, Buildings and Energy. Although Paths, Rivers and Decorations do not need materials to be built, yet they yield less prestige points than buildings. All objects in the shop are unlock once you gather the amount of badges indicated on each item. All objects can be purchased with coins (obtained by playing scenes). The energy at the shop can only be bought with cash.


Pearl’s Peril Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Ques: How to Get Free Energy?

Ans: For getting free energy, you can click on the small tab below the energy bar and send an energy request to all your facebook contacts. Unfortunately, you cannot filter people who actually play Pearl’s Peril than those who don’t.

Ques: Tell about Cheats or Hacks to Unlock Scenes or get free Prestige Points?

Ans: Unluckily, there is no way or method around to unlock scenes than gathering enough prestige, and prestige cannot be incremented artificially through any hack or cheat. Remember not to get fooled by fake hacking tools.

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