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Dated: 7:57am on Monday 10th June 2019

Strategy Guide About Sunflower Plant, Plant Food, Survive Pirate World, Kernel Pults And More.


1. How to Maximize your Sunflower Plant Power.

plants vs zombies 2

Simply like the first Plants vs. Zombies, Sunflowers have great significance. You intend to aim for 2 rows of Sunflowers on each level, so they can support all the rest of your plant purchasing. You should Combine them with Potato Mines to cover your Sunflower planting, and you are pretty much set.

2. When supplies are limited, get the most bang for your plant bucks.

plants vs zombies 2 

There are some levels, where money or plants are limited, you should place plants that have area-of-effect attacks: Threepeater, Snapdragons, etc. - in lanes 2 and 4 and they will cover the whole lawn for you.

3. Use plant food on a plant to to get an instant attack.

 plants vs zombies 2

You can use plant food to make a plant that is still in the middle of its refresh time "wake up" and attack immediately. This is especially useful for Coconut Cannons.

Take Note -  This trick would not keep a plant "awake", it will go back to its refreshing sleep immediately after its attack is over.

4. Kill the app to reshuffle the Purple World deck.

 plants vs zombies 2

If you do not like the cards you are dealt in the Purple World level?  : There is no problem. Simply hit the Home button to exit Plants vs. Zombies 2, then double-click the Home button to open multitasking, then either touch and hold the Plants vs. Zombies 2 icon until it jiggles and tap the X to kill it (iOS 6), or grab the Plants vs. Zombies 2 card and toss it away (iOS 7). Once that's done, re-launch Plants vs. Zombies 2, and you will have a whole new deck of cards to choose from.

5. Use Bonk Choy and Spikeweeds to survive Pirate World

 plants vs zombies 2

In case of any  trouble surviving Last Stand III in the Pirate World, you should try this formation. Using only Bonk Choy and Spikeweeds, you will be able to complete the level without even looking. The Spikeweeds do not get eaten so the damage the zombies without ever having to be replaced. Any zombies that make it to the end get boxed into oblivion by the Bonk Choys.

6. Escape the level to prevent loss of a treasure yet

plants vs zombies 2

In case you are about to lose a level with the Treasure Yeti zombie, or if he is about to escape, you can hit Restart to redo the level and the Yeti and his treasure will be waiting for you when you come back.

7. Complete the level to get your Treasure Yetis treasure

plants vs zombies 2

Do not think you can simply kill the yeti, get your treasure, and at once exit the map without completing the level. PVZ2 do not play that. For getting your happy lunch box of treasure, you need to both kill the yeti and complete the level.

8. Use Kernel-pults plants vs. Seagull Zombies

 plants vs zombies 2

The nice way to knock a Seagull Zombie into the water, in case they are flying over the sea, is by using a Kernel-pult. So, if you see Seagull Zombies in the line-up for a level, make sure you arm yourself with a Kernel-pult!

9. Know about Zombie patterns

plants vs zombies 2

Zombies always attack in the same pattern, so in case you make a mistake, remember the pattern for when you set up to replay the level. For example, if a regular zombie starts in lane 1, then another comes in lane 4, then another in lane 6, they will do the same thing when you replay the level, and you can set up your plants in lane 1, 4, and 6, to take care of them.

10. Always have a roof-top plant catapult, especially a Kernel-pult

 plants vs zombies 2

In Plants vs. Zombies 2, it is always beneficial to have at least one rooftop plant (Melon-pult, Cabbage-pult, Kernel-pult, etc.) on hand. When you use plant food on them, they will hit every zombie on screen. Many people normally prefer the Kernel-pult as it launches butter and immobilizes the zombies, giving you more time to implement your other strategies.


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