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Dated: 2:47am on Saturday 22nd July 2017

3d bowling is a realistic game it strategies the tricks to knock all pins in one shot you win reward by hitting strike.

3D BOWLING is an amazing and most realistic game in terms of bowling game.the 3D effect of this game makes you addicted to this game.it requires a lot of techniques. so here are some tips which make you score high.   

  • 3D EFFECT- it's a plus point for the game which enhances the quality of the game and players became more interested in the game.


  • AIMING IN BOWLING- a player has to find the right spot and aim properly that can transform your shot into best one. A player can also drag left or right.


  • STRIKE- if a player knocks out all pins with the first ball then a player is awarded 10 points plus bonus. It's called STRIKE,


  • MULTIPLAYER- you can also play with your friends or family.


  • COMPLETE DETAIL- player gets complete detail at which shot how much point player had earned.  


  • UNLIMITED TIME- there is no time limit so aim properly and then hit.






                                   Best of luck n enjoy.

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