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Dated: 11:12am on Friday 11th August 2017

Aa strategies on attracting little ball to big ball without touching running ball complete level and score high.

AA is an insanely difficult yet calculative game. In spite of being a difficult game, people are becoming really addictive to this game. The main objective of this game is to attach the little ball to big ball. So you should know these tricks before playing this two letter game.    

  • Timing- It is most important factor in this game because the whole game is based on your timing. If you not able to time properly you can’t do a single level but if you time it properly it becomes really simple for you.


  • Avoid running dots-  Player have to tap on the screen to move the dot in a circle but avoid running dot. If your dot touch running dot you loose.

  • Use Multiple fingers- As you know one is better than two. If you do in that way you maintain to bridge a gap and can easily add more dots in less space.


  • Practice- If you want to complete all levels all you have to do is do practice. Because **PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT**               






                                        !!ATTRACT BALLS & ENJOY!!

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