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Dated: 1:05am on Thursday 3rd August 2017

Detailed Strategy and Techniques on how to to earn Coins get bigger while protecting your cell.

Agar.io is an amazing game which is full of dodging techniques. In this game, our goal is to control our tiny cell and eat other player cells to make our cell bigger of them all. So if a player wants to survive and eat more cell and become the biggest cell you got to know certain tricks so that you can do it quickly and smartly...

  • Techniques- The game is all about dodging and catching other players cells. 


  • Hide behind virus-If player cell is small you can hide behind virus to protect yourself eaten.


  • Hourly bonus- Player can win 20 coins every hour just click on the collect coin button and get them which help you in a game.


  • Warning- Don’t hide in corner or edge you might eat because there is less space to run and escape from big cells.


  • Benefits of Login with Facebook-  Player can win 200 coins,1hour triple mass boost and free gifts from a friend which is really an amazing offer.


  • Watch a video- Player can watch a short video and earn 10 coins. You can watch as many videos as available and collect more coins on every watched video.


  • Get more coins- Player can get more coins and DNA by installing suggested apps by TAPJOY.                               


  • Play online- It’s a multiplayer game. The player can compete with another player from all over the world and can score high.     


  • Request gift- If the player is facing lacking coins or gifts you can request from your Facebook friends.


  • Reward-After completing a level player win reward.


  • PRACTICE- If you want to defeat your opponents and become bigger do practice.








                      !!EAT CELLS GET BIGGER AND ENJOY!!

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