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Dated: 9:04am on Wednesday 2nd August 2017

Ant smasher strategies on smashing ants collect bonus and get extra life save yourself to touch bee you lose your all lives.

Ant Smasher is an amazing and funny game for all age groups. Nowadays this game is getting popular and highly addictive among people.  This game is definitely for those people who want to take revenge from ants because they bite people very badly. So use these tricks and kill ants as possible as you can.               


  •  Basics- Player has to smash ants with their finger by touching on a screen to save their fruits.


  • Bonus level- Player have to take whole advantage of this level smash ants as fast as possible because in this level player doesn't loose life.


  • Collect 1up- It helps player to increase life in a game which helps to build the higher score.


  • Don’t kill bee- Player have to keep one thing in mind don’t kill a bee because if you do so you loose all your lives.

  • Connect to google play gams- a player can show off their scores on leaderboards and can collect XP.







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