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Dated: 11:02am on Wednesday 9th August 2017

Benji bananas strategies on fly from vine to vine to collect bananas and complete missions which help to upgrade new things in game and score high.

Benji Bananas is a game which is full of adventures and action. In this game, our goal is to fly from vine to vine and watch out for dangerous obstacles in the jungle. The main motive is to collect bananas... so you got to know certain tricks so that you can do it quickly and without losing a life.

  • Collect bananas- Player has to collect these bananas which help you to upgrade new things.


  • Magnet-Don’t loose magnet it helps a player to attract all bananas that come in players way.


  • Time Cheat: Player can do this cheat time for extra lives.. you can do by turning the clock on your device forward by few hours and then carry on playing... This helps you to have 5 extra lives in Benji banana.


  • Missions-Complete missions it helps you to collect more bananas and make your game more adventurous.

  • Gifts-Player can also win gifts by watching a short video.


  • Watch a video- If the player loose life you can watch a short video which gave you 1 extra life so that player can continue playing and earn more bananas and build a higher score.


  • Like on Facebook- As bananas are very important in this game. The player can also win 150 bananas by liking this game on Facebook.


  • Invite friends-Player can invite their friends to play this game. If anyone accepts the player invitation you can win 250 bananas which help a player to upgrade their game.


  • Practice-Timing is very important in this game the more you play the better you become. In this game, a player can earn several powerups and boost so the player can achieve these ups by playing and reaching the higher level.           





                                  !!FLY, CATCH BANANAS & ENJOY!!

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