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Discussion in 'brawl-stars' started by Senit - Dec 31st, 2020 12:24 pm.

You can easily master the Brawl Stars to unlock new Brawlers, Events By Earning More Tokens, Trophies, Coins, Gems.

Make sure you have the best players on your side to win easily, 

Trophy: They are very helpful in unlocking Brawlers, Event; Earning Coins, Gems, and Tokens. You can earn Trophies each time you win a match. You can also check Trophy Road to check for rewards.

Tokens: Each time you lose a match you earn Tokens, Tokens helps in claiming rewards like Big Box, Brawl Box, Gems, Coins, Mega Box, etc. helps to upgrade your brawler so that you will not lose the match again.

Event: Each event is like a new level or new map, every map has its own task to win the match.

  • Gem Grab: To Win, collect Gems that pop out of the Gem mine or take it from fallen opponent brawler. Hold the gems till the countdown. The team that has maximum gems till the end will win the match.
  • Showdown: You have to survive till the end to win the match. You can collect Power Cube Mushroom to increase your health and attack damage.
  • Brawl Ball: Like a football or soccer you have to take the ball to the opponent's Goal area to Score a Goal. To win you have to do two goals.
  • Big game: This event is my personal favorite in which you have to take down a big brawler with the help of your friends, within the time period. Big brawler has the advantage of huge health and more attack power.
  • Seige: In this event, you have to conquer and destroy the IKE assembly of the opponent. IKE stands for "I KILL EVERYTHING" it is very powerful. You also have to defend your IKE at the same time. Seige Robot will help you to defend the opponent's IKE.
  • Hot Zone: To Win capture all Hot Zone till the end. Capture Hot Zone by staying in the Hot Zones.

Coins and gems you earn will help you in upgrading your Brawler to increase its health, attack, and defense.

re: Brawl Stars Tips And Tricks To Level Up Faster. by Attack - Dec 31st, 2020 12:26 pm

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Changing device time in Brawl Stars is educational and experimental kindly read some general info:

  • Before executing time cheat steps, please make sure to backup your current game progress using Google or Helium,Read more here. Or try this in any other device which doesn't have any sensitive information.
  • To fix error if any caused by time cheat you need to follow steps again to max your lives or Energy, exit game (before exit make sure your lives or energy is max otherwise repeat step.), go to settings and change date time to current. When You open game now everything is normal and fixed.
  • For More Help related to time cheat kindly comment below.

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