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Dated: 7:40am on Tuesday 1st August 2017

Clash of clans strategies on building own community and attack other to gain gold coins which help you to build protect and upgrade army.

  1. In multi-player attack always check the clan castle troops by any troops of your army,  if there was any troops come out from cc then deploy them by ur army like archers,wizard or many others troops, it depends on your troops combination. 

  2. Always clear the builder house at the last because it helps to get 3 star in the attacking time and also helo to deploy the clan castle troops. 

  3. Never release wall breaker before one mortar is drops,, because one mortars ,one firing shot can destroy the any level of wall breakers in just a second. 

  4. Velkary is the most important role of ground attack strategy,, it helps to deploy anything by crushing .

  5. Archers and barbarian are called the loot army, because this both troops can collect gold coins and elixer from any collector from the outside from the core. 

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