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Important Posts
Contract Killer: Sniper: Add Friends Who Play Daily
Game Friends will help you to clear hard levels by suggesting simple tricks, you can also request bonus, item, reward, gift etc from friends.
  • Push yourself as a top class assassin;
  • Your job is to enter into contracts to eliminate targets;
  • You have developed your skills to a high level of precision;
  • You can infiltrate the most fortified high security installations;
  • Your favorite targets are very high profile;
  • You never give up a contract once accepted;
  • You follow it to its logical conclusion;
  • Now, there is an invasion by mechanized adversaries;
  • Cyborgs are also part of the worldwide assault teams;
  • Kidnapped scientists are forced to research Nanocrystal technology;
  • You have to overwhelm this secret organization;
  • Pick a single target or an entire enemy base;
  • Employ your prowess and tactical weapons and drive them out.