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Discussion in 'cool-skater-miami-street-cops' started by Asim - Jul 7th, 2023 11:37 pm.


  • Practice your skating skills: Spend time honing your skating abilities to navigate the streets of Miami smoothly. The better you are at skating, the easier it will be to escape the cops.
  • Know the city layout: Familiarize yourself with the streets, shortcuts, and skate-friendly areas of Miami. This knowledge will help you plan your routes effectively and evade the pursuing cops.
  • Use power-ups wisely: Collect power-ups scattered throughout the city and use them strategically. They can provide temporary boosts, invincibility, or other advantages to aid in your escape.
  • Perform tricks: Show off your skills by performing tricks while evading the cops. This will not only earn you points but also help you build up your special meter, which can be used for powerful abilities.
  • Upgrade your skateboard: Use the points you earn to upgrade your skateboard. Better skateboards offer improved speed, maneuverability, and special abilities, giving you an edge over the pursuing cops.


  • Grind: Approach a rail or ledge and press the grind button to grind along it. Grinds can help you maintain speed and evade the cops on certain routes.
  • Manual: Combine ollie and balance buttons to perform a manual. Manuals allow you to keep your combo going and build up your special meter.
  • Air tricks: While in the air, perform various tricks like flips, grabs, and spins. Not only do they look stylish, but they also earn you extra points.
  • Wall ride: Approach a wall at an angle and press the wall ride button to ride along it. Wall rides can help you reach higher areas and escape the cops more easily.


  • Plan escape routes: Before starting a mission, analyze the map and plan multiple escape routes. This way, you'll have alternative paths ready if the cops block a particular route.
  • Use distractions: In some situations, you can create distractions to divert the cops' attention. For example, trigger events that cause traffic jams or lure the cops to a different location.
  • Stay off main roads: When evading the cops, try to stay away from heavily patrolled main roads. Explore side streets, alleys, and skate parks to find alternate routes and lose the cops more easily.
  • Time your jumps: Timing is crucial when jumping over obstacles or performing tricks. Practice your timing to maximize your speed and efficiency while evading the cops.
  • Stay calm and focused: When the heat is on, it's easy to panic. However, staying calm and focused will help you make better decisions and react quickly to the cops' movements.
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Changing device time in Cool Skater Miami Street Cops is educational and experimental kindly read some general info:

  • Before executing time cheat steps, please make sure to backup your current game progress using Google or Helium,Read more here. Or try this in any other device which doesn't have any sensitive information.
  • To fix error if any caused by time cheat you need to follow steps again to max your lives or Energy, exit game (before exit make sure your lives or energy is max otherwise repeat step.), go to settings and change date time to current. When You open game now everything is normal and fixed.
  • For More Help related to time cheat kindly comment below.

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