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Dated: 4:47am on Thursday 10th August 2017

Crossy road strategies on crossing road without being killed collect coins and gifts which help to unlock new characters.

Crossy Road is a simple new era game which is loved by all. The main objective of this game is going as far as possible without being killed. Several obstacles come in the player's way such as cars trains and rivers. SO if a player wants to cross these obstacles you should be aware of the following tricks...     

  • Collect coins- There are coins which are scattered on the road. Don’t forget to collect coins they help you to unlock new characters and make them playable.


  • Don’t take too much time in same spot-If player take too much time in crossing road eagle come and eat you.

  • Free gift-Player can also win free gifts after every few minutes which help you in a game. You can also set a reminder for free gifts it helps you to keep in mind that it’s a time to collect free gifts.


  • Short video- Don’t spend your real money for buying coins you can also watch free short videos for coins it help you to unlock more playable.


  • Multiplayer-Player can also play with friends or family. All you have to do is that you and your friends should be connected to same WIFI network.

  • The secret character-If player has minimum 100coins he can unlock the new character and play with that character.

  • Practice- If you want to make the high score in this endless game all you have to do is do practice. Because **PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT**




                    !!CROSS ROAD AND ENJOY!!

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