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Dated: 11:28am on Friday 4th August 2017

Diamond dash strategies on making combination of same color gems which help to earn bonus and several rewards.

Diamond dash is a simple and highly addictive matching game. The main objective of this game is that player has to eliminate same color gems by matching them in 60seconds.If a player wants to lead scoreboard to follow these tips and tricks…


  • Speed- It is the most important factor in this game because a player got only 60 sec so a player has to do it with speed and match as more as possible to score high.           


  • Hit 3 or more than 3- This is a most important trick to win match the biggest combination it gives you more points.

  • Reward-After completing a level player wins a reward which helps in a game to lead scoreboard.


  • The free lives-If player is having low on lives you can wait to get a life on every 8 minutes.


  • Login with facebook-Player can get involved in team battle tournament where can win prizes.player can also compete with another player and can make friends.And can gain boosts. By logging in with facebook player also get 10 lives which help to score high.The player can also ask friends for lives.   


  • Mystery bomb-It help player to smash all gems


  • Time bonus-Player can unlock time bonus at level 7 which helps to add 2 second extra time.


  • Spin wheel-. The player can get 1 spin a day and a can win amazing prizes.


  • Practice- If you want to score high and lead a scoreboard do practice because PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.


                           !!MAKE COMBINATION AND ENJOY!!


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