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F18 Carrier Landing: Add Friends Who Play Daily
Game Friends will help you to clear hard levels by suggesting simple tricks, you can also request bonus, item, reward, gift etc from friends.
Nov 10, 2017 10:39 pm 0 50
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  • If you are a frustrated top gun wannabe, try F18 Carrier Landing! A game like this deserves attention. The graphics are great, controls are awesome, everything seems amazing!
  • This seems to be the best aircraft simulation game ever!
  • What you need to do is to land your aircraft through a 150-meter long deck.
  • It seems very easy, but landing aircraft to the grounds is one of the most difficult task of a pilot.
  • Features include more than 500 airports in the world, with almost precise day and night weather conditions.
  • It also includes a replay mode to let you review your moves and flights. And connectible to another online device for a multi-screen mode for more thrilling experience!