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Dated: 1:57am on Monday 12th June 2017

To score nice and clear level you can read on how to remove cropsies of one kind, clearing boss mode, flower mode, hay mode etc.

Farm Heroes Super Saga is again a fantastic game which captures you for long and will not let you go. In order to wrap up the levels faster, you should know certain play around tricks.

  • Try to match the crops in a square which will create a super crop side...combine certain 4 crop side -vertically it horizontally will create it a bonus; certain 5 cropsies- vertically or horizontally will create its bonus.
  • Add points to neighboring cropsies- Match 4 crop side and add 1 point of value to neighboring crop side.
  • Remove all cropsies of one kind- five cropsies in a row will remove all cropsies of the same type of the board. T or L shaped cropsies will get 2 point entire.
  • For boss game mode- Try to get rid of rancid and finish the level.
  • Collection mode- Try to collect the right amount of cropsies.
  • Flower mode- wake up the sleeping flower by making a good conversation.
  • Hay mode- Special goat moves make money moves next to goat and reduce the goat counter to zero, then the goat will make a special move. He jumps to the nearest gay spot. 
  • Nut mode- Squirrel with a special counter. Make combinations next to the squirrel and the counter will reach zero. Now the squirrel is able to collect all nuts in a day of 2 spaces. 
  • To collect Item- Go for the item, try to bring the item down by verticle swipes. You have to focus on the bottom of each item to collect it.

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