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Choose FarmVille: Harvest Swap APK version from below:

MD5 hash : ff809fe1bdfec6709239eef3a2597620
This APK Supports: ARMEABI-V7A Devices
File Size: 91.28 MB

  • APK Stands for Android Application Package.
  • You can download and installs the FarmVille: Harvest Swap APK file directly into your device without any login.
  • You dont need any special software or login to play FarmVille: Harvest Swap.
  • You can check you device CPU type by using an app CPUZ. There are several CPU and Architectures Like
  • ARMABI : It means package is supported by almost all devices.
  • ARMABI-V7A: It means the package can support ARM version 7 based devices.
  • X86: It means the package can support intel X86 based devices.
  • ARM64-v8A: It means the package can support ARM version 8 based devices.
  • x86_64: It means the package can support Intel 64 bit based devices.
  • MIPS and MIPS64: It means package supports MIPS based devices.
  • If one APK is not working you can try different APK file which supports other devices.
  • We perform Regular Security Scan with Avira and Mcafee before taking any submitions of APK file
  • Please help us to serve you better by providing comment with device model.
  • Some APK will not work on your device, you can request a better version by providing comment.
  • We do not post paid Apps, If you find any, you can TELL US HERE
  • For Submittion/Removal requests kindly SUBMIT REQUEST HERE

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