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Dated: 11:04am on Thursday 10th August 2017

Fast racing 3D strategies on winning races to score high get cash and upgrade your dream car.

Fast racing 3D is an amazing 3D graphic game with a lot of amazing cars and eye popping tracks. This game is becoming popular because of its graphics and it gives a feeling that you are driving in real life. The player can drive as fast as possible in this game. So you should know these important tricks which help you in the game.

  • Basics- Player has to wave device left the right to drive the vehicle. Acceleration icon the on the right side to increase the speed and break the on the left side to slow down vehicle.


  • Watch a video-Player can watch a short video and earn 1000 cash per watch. You can watch as many videos as available and collect more cash on every watched video. This help player to unlock cars and upgrade your cars.

  • Vehicle- In this game there are lots of fascinating cars. The player can upgrade and customize their own vehicle by winning races which gave you cash and can build your own dream car.


  • Reward- While driving car Player has to collect these cash which comes in a way. It helps you to buy and upgrade your car. 




                                                 !!DRIVE FAST AND ENJOY!!

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