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Dated: 1:23am on Friday 28th July 2017

Flow free strategies on connecting same colored dots using pipe dont overlap pipe can complete hundred of levels and score high.

FLOW FREE is an interesting game which is addictive among all age groups of people. It is a simple game but some strategies need to be used while playing this game. If you want to achieve success easily you will surely like to know about certain tricks and cheats...so here are the few tricks...      

  • Connect matching color- the player has to connect same color dots with the pipe. So that entire grid is occupied with pipes. The main thing in the game is that player has to pair same colored dots to solve the puzzle.

  • Don't overlap or cross- the player has to keep one thing in mind while playing this game you cannot overlap another colored pipe. If you cross or overlap pipe will break.So in this game, it is not possible to intersect one pipe to another colored pipe.   


  • Theme- the player can change the color and theme of their board.


  • Mode of level- the player can change the mode of the level to easy, medium or difficult according to their play. like (5*5) to (15*15).


  • Levels- flow free contain hundred of levels.

  • Time trail- the player can adjust their time and can make competition with time.It really an interesting mode.


  • Single player- it's a single player game.you cannot play with friends and family.


  • Keep in mind focus is very important in this game- don't hurry to connect first think than connect.








                           ALL THE BEST!

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