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Dated: 9:12am on Saturday 22nd July 2017

fruit ninja is a game which strategies cutting fruit by swipping finger on screen .win bonus by swipping multiple fruits simultaneously.

FRUIT NINJA is the greatest fruit slicing game in the world. this game is for all generation and everyone is enjoying playing this game. so here are some tips and tricks which definitely help you while playing this amazing game.  

  • Swipe your screen to cut fruit- focus on cutting the fruit in half by swiping your finger across the screen      ''CHOP CHOP''


  • Don't cut bombs- you have to be careful while cutting fruits. bombs are occasionally thrown onto the screen which ends your life. 


  • Multiple cuts simultaneously- while cutting multiple fruits in one swipe you are awarded extra points.



  • Bonus& extra life- the player will gain an extra life if you don't miss any fruit and if you cut fruit perfectly you will award bonuses.  


  • Unlimited time-don't hurry you have unlimited time but don't miss fruit. if you miss a fruit you miss your one life.


  • Multiplayer- you can also play against your friends with local multiplier mode.

  • Free power ups- watch ad which plays before the game to get all power ups to use in a match. the game will start just after the video.


  • Power ups and bonus- you can make the game more interesting by equipping some special power ups. like ''BERRY BLAST'' which destroys all fruit around you and also deflects bomb.

      so use these tricks n enjoy!

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