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Discussion in 'hidden-object-hunt-fairy-quest' started by Fasley - Sep 15th, 2018 9:39 pm.

As you reach higher levels you will encounter hard levels. To clear difficult levels you need Coins, Rings, Energy.

With the help of cheat trick you can claim lots of Coins, Rings, Energy in Instant. This cheat will use time trick to give Daily Bonuses repeatedly without waiting. You simply need to follow below steps correctly.

  • Turn off device internet to prevent blocking of this cheat.

  • Close Your Hidden Object Hunt Fairy Quest Game.

  • Go to settings and change your device time 1 day ahead.

  • Open Hidden Object Hunt Fairy Quest Game and collect your bonus Coins, Energy Or Ring

You can repeat above steps whenever you require these rewards.

Hidden Object Hunt Fairy Quest Cheats

Hidden Object Hunt Fairy Quest Cheat Coins

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