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Dated: 6:13am on Tuesday 8th August 2017

Hill climb racing strategies on running vehicle on hills player can also earn coins and gems which help to modify dream car.

Hill climb racing is an amazing racing game which is full of missions. Nowadays this game is becoming very popular and addictive among children.In this game, a player has to face various hill climbing challenges. to complete the level and to build higher score you got to know certain tricks so that you can do it without crashing.

  • Big hills-They are the most difficult obstacles of this game. If a player wants to cross these obstacles just go to a little behind and then try to climb it at full speed then you will surely climb it. 


  • Bouncing bridges-Player have to be careful while driving on bouncing bridges because this is the area where most of the cars flip and end your level.  



  • Fuel canisters-Don’t avoid fuel canister because you don’t want to end your level in middle. They provide you fuel and help you finish the level.


  • Booster-It helps your car to drive some extra meter.

  • Watch a video-Player can watch a short video and earn 15000 coins per watch. You can watch as many videos as available and collect more coins on every watched video. This help player to unlock places and upgrade your vehicles.


  • Like on facebook-As coins are very important in this game. The player can also win 5000 coins by liking this game on Facebook.


  • Collect coins and gems- While driving vehicle player has to collect coins and gems to score high and which also help to upgrade vehicles.

  •  Car Updates- Player can build and modifies own car which helps to score high.         




                                                     !!ENJOY DRIVING!!


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