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Dated: 7:07am on Tuesday 8th August 2017

Hungry shark evolution strategies on eating everything and anything that come in way to increase their shark and score high and earn coins and gems to upgrade their sharks.

Hungry shark evolution is an amazing 3D graphics game with lots of challenges. It’s a game where a player has to control and feed a very hungry shark. As you play more and eat anything and everything that comes in your way shark become bigger. Use these tricks if you really want to score high in less time.

  • Missions-Player can complete dozens of a mission to unlock unique sharks and amazing creatures which make a game more interesting and can win big rewards. Use coins wisely, spend them in increasing Bite, Speed, and Boost to make your shark more dangerous.


  • Watch a video- Player can watch a short video and earn 1gem and 100 coins per watch. You can watch as many videos as available and collect more coins on every watched video. You can also revive shark by watching an ad.


  • Daily reward-Player can win the daily reward on the left side of the tunnel in daily reward quest.
  1.   Day1- 200 coins
  2.   Day2- 300coins
  3.   Day3- 400 coins                                
  4.   Day4- 500 coins and go on
  • Submarines-don’t go too close to submarines they can shoot your shark.

  • Gold rush-It help player to survive longer and score high which help player to upgrade their shark.


  • Hidden coins and gems-Some edibles contain hidden coins and gems so try to eat as more as possible to earn coins which help to upgrade your sharks.


  • Invite your friends-Player can invite their friends to play this game.Each friend who accepts your invitation will increase your gold coins and one more thing you also earn 10%of your friend bonus.

  • Login with Facebook- A player can share free gems and can compete with friends. The more friends you have the more gems you get.        






                                                           !! HAVE FUN!!


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