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Posted - 6 months 2 Ws ago
Happy New Year everyone. Thank you for participating in the event. Here are the list of winners. Winners are randomly selected . Reward will be sent within a few days. Evil Castle Pack Winners: 1597337 1494020 1566943 1374732 1382393... Diamonds Winners: 1564979 1579755 1380253 1499649 1599085 1622378 1626917 1575832 1337603 1611380 1567419 1500329 1271679 1460310 1565013 1506660 1627572 1551911 1384076 1525298 1266809 1539910 1490972 1622933 1629307 1494011 1600152 1630269 1629712 1607971 1334772 1486842 1257872 1568632 1396708 1490838 1268671 1520101 1424687 1565035 1564948 1311000 1287055 1406184 1580975 1269493
king of dead
Posted - 6 months 4 Ws ago
Christmas Facebook Event [Christmas Photos] Christmas is coming! I hope everyone will enjoys their holiday. We thank you all for the support!!! We couldnt do it without yall. As a token of our appreciation and celebration of Christmas holiday. Post a Christmas Photo in the comment below for a chance to receive the Underworld Castle or 2000 diamonds !!! Please read the rules careful!! Rules: ... 1.Post a Christmas photo plus your account ID from setting. 2. Limit one entry per player. 3.The photo have to relate to Christmas. Original photo that you took and attract our attention will have higher chance of getting the best reward. 4.The event and its reward is shared between Cot and Kod facebook page. It doesnt matter which facebook page you posted on. Reward: 1.We will select 5 lucky players to receive Underworld castle. 2.If you already have the Undeworld Castle, we could give you a free 19.99 USD gift pack of your choice. 3.50 players will be selected to receive 2000 diamonds. 4.Deadline is 30th server time GMT+0. Any posting after that will not be included 5.The winners will be announced on Jan 2nd, and reward will be given within a few days after the announcement. Gamepip team reserves all rights to the final interpretation of this event,
king of dead

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