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Dated: 6:56am on Sunday 3rd September 2017

Some Key Tips to achieve higher score faster by using energy and daily rewards to buy upgrades, and complete all missions.


  • Powerups- Focus on collecting power-ups that increase Spiderman's lifespan and it also helps you to knock out enemies automatically, works on obstacles.


  • Connect to facebook- Player can send and receive one free unit of energy.  Five is your maximum quantity of energy you can send or receive.

  • Energy- If a player is facing a shortage of energy and also player does not have energy gifts from friends.  The player can wait down for several minutes to gain energy back.


  • Missions- Complete all missions it helps you to score high and make your character stronger and useful in your run.


  • Daily reward- Grab them they help you to upgrade your game and make your game even more interesting.

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