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Dated: 6:49am on Saturday 14th October 2017

Important Tips and tricks to help you clear hard levels easily in Panda Pop

  • Connect to facebook-Player can win free 40 coins by connecting this game on Facebook. By connecting this game on facebook player can also win 1 free life. The player can also ask for lives as gifts from friends as when needed.
  • Unlimited Live- Every time you are out of life, move your device time ahead to get free lives. This way you will have unlimited retries you will never out of life.


  • Free lives- Player can ask for free lives by their friends when needed. You can also send them lives as gifts.

  • Achievements-While playing this game focus on completing achievements because they help you complete more difficult levels and progress faster and you can win several bonuses like extra lives etc…

  • Aiming- This game requires aiming skills because if you don’t aim properly you not able to pop the bubble correctly.

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