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Discussion in 'paperama' started by Mohammad usama - Dec 29th, 2017 10:49 am.
Mohammad usama
Mohammad usama

Accuracy- If the player wants to complete levels of this game all you have to be as accurate as possible. There is no time limit so don’t be in hurry take your time and play.


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Changing device time in Paperama is educational and experimental kindly read some general info:

  • Before executing time cheat steps, please make sure to backup your current game progress using Google or Helium,Read more here. Or try this in any other device which doesn't have any sensitive information.
  • To fix error if any caused by time cheat you can move time ahead to make your lives or Energy full, immediately without playing any level exit game go to settings and change time to current. Open game and your lives meter is normal. This will fix normal errors caused by time cheat.
  • For Help related to time cheat kindly comment below.