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Discussion in 'physics-drop' started by Asim - Aug 1st, 2023 5:32 pm.

Following are Tips, Tricks and Strategies for the Physics Drop game:

  • Understanding Physics: Physics Drop is all about applying real-world physics principles to solve puzzles. Familiarize yourself with concepts like gravity, momentum, and inertia to tackle challenges more effectively.
  • Observe Carefully: Take your time to observe the level before making any moves. Identify the elements and their interactions to plan your strategy.
  • Start Simple: Begin with the easier levels to get the hang of the game mechanics and physics. This will help you build a foundation for the more complex challenges ahead.
  • Draw Outlines: If you're struggling to visualize the path of an object, try drawing its expected trajectory on the screen before releasing it. This can help you better understand where it might go.
  • Use Momentum: In some levels, you might need to use momentum to your advantage. Try releasing objects at the right time and with the right speed to achieve your goal.
  • Experiment with Timing: The timing of your actions can significantly affect the outcome. Be patient and try different release timings until you find the optimal one.
  • Use Multiple Objects: Some levels require you to use multiple objects to trigger a chain reaction. Strategically position and release these objects to complete the level.
  • Restart and Retry: Don't be discouraged by failures. Restart and retry levels as many times as needed. Each attempt will teach you something new.
  • Take Breaks: If you find yourself stuck on a level, taking a short break can help you clear your mind. Often, you'll come back with a fresh perspective and find a solution.
  • Watch Walkthroughs: If you're still stuck after many attempts, consider watching video walkthroughs or tutorials online. Seeing how others solve a level can provide valuable insights.

Remember, Physics Drop is a puzzle game, and solving puzzles requires creative thinking and perseverance. Have fun and enjoy the challenge!

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Changing device time in Physics Drop is educational and experimental kindly read some general info:

  • Before executing time cheat steps, please make sure to backup your current game progress using Google or Helium,Read more here. Or try this in any other device which doesn't have any sensitive information.
  • To fix error if any caused by time cheat you need to follow steps again to max your lives or Energy, exit game (before exit make sure your lives or energy is max otherwise repeat step.), go to settings and change date time to current. When You open game now everything is normal and fixed.
  • For More Help related to time cheat kindly comment below.

Important note: If you really love playing games. Please support game developers and buy atleast one small game package.

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