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Find New Game Friends For Pretty Ballerina

  • Game Friends: They help in various ways to make game easier, funnier and more rewarding, it also create competitions.
  • Gift Credits, Spins & Power Ups, Coins sending to friends, does not take them out of your total, It's free to gift things. Lots of People Never Gift Other Friends because they think they lose it from their Stockpile. So start sharing to help each other.
  • Before SignIn please make sure you have a Google plus profile if not create a new here
  • You can add comment and share your facebook or google account link to recieve requests.
  • After adding yourself to this page you may recieve friends requests from unknown persons who may play games.
  • You can remove yourself anytime by clicking "Remove Me" Button.
  • To get on top of the list you need remove and add again.

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