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Discussion in 'rio-match-3-party' started by Rina - Aug 7th, 2018 12:16 pm.

A must play match 3 game, you will definately love it. Controls, Touch, Graphic, Combo Animations Timings. Gameplay is awesome, there are also boss levels where you have to match 3 to hit boss. As you progress you will encounter hard levels, Below are some tips to help you to clear hard levels easily.


  • Combos: Search for combos everytime from top to bottom. Use them to get the targets. Combos will definately help you to clear levels easily.

  • Corners: Make sure your target don't stick to corners. keep them in middle.

  • Priorities:

  1. Whenever you get chance to clear out corner targets go for them.

  2. Make combo and use them to clear targets.

  3. Focus on Bottom Up approach.

  4. Always think ahead.

  • Time Cheat: You can get free unlimited lives by changing time to few hours ahead. This will help you to retry each level without worry for life. You can do it anytime whenever you are out of hearts in Rio Match 3 Party.

Above Guide will definately help you to clear hard levels easily.

rio match 3 party lives cheat

rio match 3 party lives cheat

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