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Dated: 9:53am on Monday 24th July 2017

Shoot Bubble Deluxe is very entertaining game you have to master the touch points to shoot bubble correctly, try to bursts top bubbles if possible.

Shoot bubble deluxe is an amazing bubble shooting game.  the best part is that I contain both puzzle mode and arcade mode.if you want to figure out and achieve more levels so follow these tips & tricks... 

  • Target same colored marbles- the player have to make a combination of same colored marbles. when three or more same colored marbles come together they burst.

Target The Top: Reach for higher bubbles so that will make all below bubbles fall down with it. Make sure to break this link of bubbles carefully. 

  • Bubble blast- just click on the screen where you want to shoot the bubble.


  • Modes-
  1. puzzle mode- in this mode bubbles remains at their place so you can take your time.


  • Arcade mode- in this mode all bubbles will come downwards so player has to shoot quickly to prevent the ball from touching the ground.


  • Combo-before taking a shot look shot can make more marbles burst as obvious they will get you better points.


  • This game ends- The player has to keep in mind if balls reach down then the game ends so stop balls from reaching the end.                                                                                 so have fun and start bursting!!


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