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Discussion in 'survivor-camp' started by Saehla - Apr 23rd, 2019 9:04 pm.

You should remember below points to clear Survival game easily without getting stuck.

  1. Jason: He is your first and most powerful member because he can fire more than any other Survivors so spending Enzyme on it is necessary to reach top level faster.
  2. Use multiple touches to fire; you can use 3-4 fingers to fire a lot faster than single touch.
  3. Level Up Damage in Lab: Damage is most important and it can help you to defeat higher HP bosses you should spend a lot of Gold in Damage.
  4. Crystals: Use your crystals carefully, you should use it to buy Phantom Wrap or Awaken.
  5. Last step is AWAKEN, this will sacrifice all your progress for new biochips. Biochips are used to get stronger to reach even higher levels. You should use AWAKEN when no option left, remember try to use this power when you reach level 65 to get more bonus chips.
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