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Dated: 1:40am on Monday 12th June 2017

Toy Blast is a game full of challenges has lot of levels in this you have to help amy to collect precious toys by matching rows or blocks of same colour.

Toy Blast is an amazing game full of small  challenges..in this game our goal is to help a child names Amy in collecting more precious toys by matching row or more blocks of the same colour, to cover the level and to give Amy more of his toys back you got to know certain tricks so that you can do it quickly and more quickly...

  • Change time to get lives back- like other games you can change the time settings by 30 mins for 1 life is enough and set again to cover to the game. In this way you can get all the lives back.
  • Get more coins-If you connect your game with facebook you will get 25 free coins.
  • Get benefit of connecting your game to facebook- Connect to facebook if your friends are not there connect to fan groups and comment sections.
  • Create combos by using 2 tiles- That will clear out the board quicker and free Amy toy'sRoy's in such a way that you will get a 3 star level.
  • Keep in mind that special tiles explode once the level is over- If special tiles are not need get 3 level stars, they will explode once you completed it.


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