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Discussion in 'witchdom-2-halloween-game-match-3-puzzle' started by Asim - Apr 6th, 2023 7:14 pm.

General Tips

  • Explore the map as much as you can to find powerful artifacts, new spells, and hidden secrets.
  • Use the best spell combinations for each situation. Experiment to find the most effective combinations.
  • Save often and keep multiple saves in case you make a mistake.
  • Make sure you have enough MP to cast the spells you need. MP regeneration items can be found in dungeons or purchased from merchants.
  • Always be prepared for battle. Make sure you have the best equipment and spells for the situation.
  • Upgrade your spells and items as much as possible. This will make battles easier and more rewarding.

Combat Tips

  • Stay mobile and keep moving around the battlefield. This can make it harder for enemies to hit you.
  • Try to use spells that hit multiple enemies at once. This can help you take out groups of enemies quickly.
  • Focus on taking out the strongest enemies first. This will make the battles easier and less risky.
  • Use defensive spells to protect yourself from enemy attacks. This can help you survive longer and dish out more damage.
  • Use status effects like paralysis, confusion, and sleep to your advantage. These can help you take out enemies quickly.
  • Always be prepared for the unexpected. You never know what enemies may appear or what traps may be waiting around the corner.

Exploration Tips

  • Search every corner of the map for hidden items, secrets, and powerful artifacts.
  • Keep a map of the area and mark important locations. This will make it easier to find your way around.
  • Be prepared for traps. Look for suspicious objects and use spells to reveal hidden traps.
  • Look for hidden passages and secret doors. These can lead to powerful items or rare artifacts.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Some areas may be dangerous and should be avoided.
  • Talk to NPCs and explore the towns you visit. You never know what secrets you may uncover.
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