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Word Search: Add Friends Who Play Daily
Game Friends will help you to clear hard levels by suggesting simple tricks, you can also request bonus, item, reward, gift etc from friends.
Sep 10, 2018 9:23 pm 0 34
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  • A puzzle for searching out words;
  • Another game to test your word power;
  • Grids with cleverly hidden words;
  • The challenge is to search and discover all the words hidden in the fun grid.
  • Not a simple game; it has eight difficulty levels for you to choose from;
  • Race against time to complete;
  • The timer mode is highly tricky and thrilling;
  • Compete with friends and strangers;
  • Challenge players around the world;
  • Compare your scores with your friends;
  • Tricky puzzles to choose from; automatically generated by the app;
  • Endless fun in 13 languages;
  • Infinite number of puzzles;
  • Leader boards display and 8 directions to search from.