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Discussion in 'pro-11-football-manager-game' started by HAL9000 - Aug 19th, 2020 12:59 pm.

This is for long term players as it will take 2-3 months of deliberately losing games and being relegated to work. The basic idea is to buy young players at their cheapest and to set up a production line that can continue to generate large amounts of money.

My story: I got to SL5, my players had an average rating of 160 but the average age of my squad was increasing each season because it's too expensive to buy young players that will improve your first team, you either buy a young player who is worse than the player he is replacing or an old player that will improve the team. I bought old players to keep my team rating high and the squad got older each season. I decided to change things so that my squad generated money, sold my first team and bought 18-19 year old players. 

Which players to buy.

Age: 18 0 months to 18 3 months,

         19 0 months to 19 3 months.

Players lose value on their birthday so that is the cheapest time to buy them.

When to buy players.

Try to buy most of your players just before you use your training camps, I start buying around 2 days before training, this ensures that they get training at the youngest age throughout their career which increases their value the most. Only buy  legendary players with 2 hours or less left in the auction. Mythic players always get snapped up before they reach a good price, epics give a lower profit margin but you can usually find young legendary players near the end of the auction. Prioritise players with high value (over 25M at least), this should cost around 95M-110M. Don't be tempted to buy anyone for 60M, their value will be too low to make a good profit. 

Training camps.

Do your training camps in the middle of the season. Most players do all their training as soon as possible so that their team is as good as it can be for the coming season. At the end of the season they sell older players before they can retire and buy the best young players before training. At the start of the season they spend all of their season-end prize money on the best players available. This makes the price go up around that time as no one is prepared to wait for the auctions to carry on for long. Prices are cheapest in the middle of the season and so that is when I buy players and do my training. 

Staff improvements

Spend 5 points on the secretary, this gives over 300 credits per season. The first 5 training camps cost 337 points. (0+19+39+89+190)

Use other points to reduce the price you pay for young players.

When to sell players

Simple, never let anyone reach 25 years old, check their wages per season. If you are paying them more than their value is increasing then you are losing money. Sell players when they are 23 yrs 11 months or 24 years 11 months. Prices drop dramatically on their birthday. Identify who will no longer increase in value after your training camps and sell the day before their birthday.

Please feel free to comment.

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