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Dated: 3:06am on Thursday 9th July 2015

Strategy Guide About Matches And Charms, Book, Goal, Moves, Friends, Emeralds, Powers, Mastery Stars, Crew Gate.

puzzle charms

Matches and Charms

The delighted world of Puzzle Charms is full of Charms. These are the colored tiles on the board. Switch Charms and create a match of 3 to earn points. Switch and match more than 3 Charms and earn special Gems!

  • Fairy Dash (Four in a Row) :  If you match 4 colors will earn you a special gem. Match this color again and you will see a more powerful magic!
  • Pixie Dust (T and L-Shaped Match) : Creating a T or L-Shaped match will give you a different Special gem. Match this again and watch the magic! Why not try matching switching 2 special colors to see what happens?
  • Crystal Ball (Five in a Row) : Match 5 colors in a row and you will get a Very Special Gem. Play around with it to see what magic you can create!



Puzzle Charms takes on the form of a storybooks. Each book contains a series of levels that tells a Fairy Tale story as you progress. Complete all the level of the book to know the twist  in the story.


There are different goals depending on the level you are on. Normally, you will be asked to reach a certain score, or to match a certain number of colors in order to move on to the next level.

The number of moves is different on each level. If you run out of moves before reaching the level’s goal, you will fail to complete the level and lose a Life.

Ask your friends : You can send requests to your friends to send you Lives. If they accept your request, your extra Life will be sent to your Inbox. Here’s a tip: only accept lives when you are in need of them. If you accept Lives when your Life is full, it will not be counted in your Life Bar.


Use your Emeralds  : You should use your Emerald to purchase a full Life Set. This could be useful if your friends are hot on your tail!


Take Note - You can only have a maximum of 5 life at once. Accept your gifts carefully! 


Emerald is the only element that can be purchased in the game. These Emeralds can help you a lot in your adventure and can surely be a Life saver. You can buy Lives, Moves, and Powers using these Emeralds. 

What’s a Fairy Tale adventure if you don’t have any Powers right? You can unlock new Powers as you progress in the Story. After unlocking them, you can purchase some more using your Emeralds. 

Leaderboards are there on each level. It shows your score and your current standing against your friends. Battle out with your friends to get the crown.


Mastery Stars

Aside from level completion, two more goals are indicated at each level of the game. When you complete a level, you earn one star at that level. Achieving the two other goals allow you to earn two more stars at each level. We must warn you, these goals will test your will, strategy, and patience. We encourage you to try earning all the mastery stars in each level.

Bronze, Silver and Gold trophies can be earned by you, based on the total of mastery stars you earned as you advanced through a book. To get Bronze, you need to earn at least 20 mastery stars. You need to earn 40 mastery stars to get Silver, and 60 mastery stars to get Gold. Aim to get gold trophies for bragging with your friends.


Crew Gate

Before you can advance to the Boss Levels (levels 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, and 130 of the current game version), a pop-up will appear on your game. This is the Crew Gate. For levels 10, 30, 50, 70 and 90, the Gate will need you to ask help from three of your friends to be able to advance. Just pressed “Ask”, then choose the friends who are most likely addicted to the game like you and who can promptly respond to your requests. For levels 110 and 130, the gate will show a tally of the Mastery Stars you have earned in Books 6 and 7 against the required number of Mastery Stars that you need to earn to be able to advance.  Here, you have to be patient.


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