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Dated: 3:03am on Thursday 9th July 2015

Detailed Tactics About: Go On Foot, Stay Together, Watch The Sky, Use Sun, Surprise, Keep Moving, Hull Down And More.

I like to give you some tactical advice on how to defeat your opponent in the game Red Crucible. Some tactics can also be used in similar games to Red Crucible 2. Most of them are real world tactics. I call them the lorenzo rules :p

  1. GO ON FOOT AS LESS AS POSSIBLE. A vehicle is always more difficult to destroy then a human body. Besides, with a vehicle you will always arrive sooner at your destination. Take a vehicle whenever you can and destroy it at your destination if possible.
  2. STAY TOGETHER AND REGROUP. If you drive and/or fly together, your firepower will increase exponentially. All things being equal, one tank has for example the fire power of one tank but two tanks already have the relative firepower of four tanks. This is based on the Lanchester’s square law. If you stay together you can also cover each other and you have more eyes scanning your surroundings for threats. If you drive or fly alone, your chance of being killed increases. So, if you spot a friendly or friendlies, join them.
  3. HELICOPTERS SHOULD ALWAYS COVER THE TANKS. Do not leave your team members alone in their tanks. They need your help. Cover them. See also rule No. 2.
  4. USE THE SUN AS COVER. When you are in a helicopter and attacking with the sun at your back, you are very difficult to spot and to target by the enemy.
  5. SURPRISE YOUR OPPONENT. Do not shoot without a target because your shell or missile can be spotted from miles away. Also the sound of you shooting can reveal your location.
  6. WATCH THE SKY. Always watch out for enemy helicopters, especially in the beginning of the match because they are faster than tanks and therefore most likely, the first targets you will encounter.
  7. USE THE DIFFERENT VIEWS EXTENSIVELY. Focus view (zoom), driver, gunner and third-person views will help you to spot your target and to attack it.
  8. DO NOT ATTACK A HELICOPTER WHEN YOU ARE OUT IN THE OPEN. Otherwise you will be spotted more easily and considered a threat by the helicopter and he will attack you. Of course, sometimes you have no choice and other times your skills are high enough to attack the helicopter anyway. Preferably attack a helicopter from a cover position. This can be from behind bushes, trees, trucks and other vehicles, ridges, buildings or from under or behind bridges. A neat trick can be to attack the enemy from behind an empty vehicle. This will confuse the enemy and he will likely first attack the empty vehicle in front of you.
  9. DO NOT ALWAYS ATTACK. Sometimes it is better not to attack but keep going until you spot a more suitable target. Go around difficult to destroy targets and proceed to your main objective.
  10. OUTFLANK YOUR OPPONENT. If your team member is attacking a target from one direction, attack the same target from another direction. Most of the time, the enemy will be too busy with your team member to notice you going around him.
  11. HULL-DOWN. Whenever possible, show as less as possible of your tank. Drive on and attack from low dried-up river beds, behind ridges, bridges, buildings and in cornfields. You will become a small target and small targets are more difficult to spot and to destroy.
  12. KEEP MOVING. Do not continue to attack from a fixed position. The longer you stay in one position, the higher the chance you will be spotted and attacked. Also, a moving target is more difficult to destroy.
  13. NAVIGATE FROM COVER TO COVER POSITION. This is the safest way to navigate through the battlefield.
  14. BRING THE FIGHT TO THE ENEMY. As a team, keep moving towards the enemy base. This way you keep the initiative and control over the battle. Let the enemy fight a defensive war, not you.
  15. DO NOT DESTROY EMPTY ENEMY VEHICLES. Every time you destroy an empty enemy vehicle it will re-spawn at the enemy base, therefore, leave it where you find it. This way, the enemy will have one less vehicle at their starting position. Of course, do destroy your own empty vehicles whenever possible.

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