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Dated: 1:01am on Friday 14th July 2017

scrabble game strategies on making words by adding letter the bigger u word make the more u get points.

SCRABBLE is a well-known game and it's a great and simple game. One can easily play certain levels in this game..but after some level, you may find it to create new words every now and then. So in spite of spending a huge amount of time let us focus on saving it and achieving the levels quickly which could only achieve by various tricks:

  • Join two or three letter words- It can increase score up to to 50 points in a game.


  • Use letter S and create two words- Either you can add S to make a word plural or create a new word so that you can earn 10 points.


  • Keep tiles that make common endings or standing on the correct sides of your rack- keep the word ends with 'er', 'ed' or 'ing' on left so that you can visualize future. Plus you can create new words.


  • See for hooks- Hooks are a single letter to make a completely new letter. See especially y, e, r and d on the end.


  • Focus on Hot spots- Plan your game from the starting to move towards hot spots also known as Bonus Squares. If triple word square made your score also go in triple digits.


  • Save Some combinations of the letter AEILNRST- Through 7 letter are there but some combination like "Starline". Try to secure the same number of vowels or one more consonant.


  • Learn A without U- Q is the highest scoring along with Z mostly preceded by U. Along with these tips..use 3 letter word is a way to score really high. Get power tile on double or triple letter square.


  • Play a ' Benjamin' in front of a 5 letter word. So brick becomes AIR BRICK jump become and OUTJUMPS.


  • Deploys tour's carefully- Along with 'e'  's' is the joint let letter in the set and there are just four of them.


  • Use mnemonics to help you remember tricky words.

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