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Dated: 4:30am on Friday 14th July 2017

soccer star strategies to make goal against your opponent attack against weak team and defense against strong team win coins after winning game.

Soccer stars is again a sweet and dynamic game with lots of twists and turn through covering up a level after spending ages is not a big deal but if you want to do your work in minutes and so on, then follow these tricks...

  • Set up a defense- Try to attack the offense tighten up the disc in front of your goal.
  • Practice your angles- Take some time in practice to meet the right angle and save many opportunities.
  • Bump others discs- Just slide your discs into your enemy's disc to hit the ball. Use It as an option for higher goals.
  • Break your opponents defense- Try to slide your discs into their defense with the goal of pushing their discs inside their own net. It will be a foul and will bring back his discs into the field.
  • Keep the ball on their side- Start off early by keeping the ball on their side. This will give you a chance to adjust your defense while continuously making strong attacks.
  • Build up your Bankroll- Coins will become valuable in the harder division until you have gathered a steady bankrolled. Get bonus coins at top left plus get coins by watching videos.

                               best of luck n enjoy

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