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Social Empires Guide To Attack, Gather Resources, Invading Other Villagers, Gathering Gold And Experience And More

social empires

Social Empires is a popular Facebook strategy, city building, and war game from the ever-expanding genre of social war games. What makes Social Empires different from the other social war games is the open-endedness and freedom of play, as you don't have to worry about conserving energy in this game, because there is no energy meter. You are limited only by your resources, population and gold, all of which can be increased depending on what you do. You can build up your own empire, increase your population, defeat all of the enemy trolls in your territory, and invade other empires and steal their gold and resources, as well as build up experience levels rapidly. With my strategies, you'll have the most powerful army and empire in Social Empires.

Your most valuable resource, out of all of the resources that you can get in the game, is wood. With wood, you can keep your farms running which gives you food, which allows you to continue building your population by making more villagers and soldiers. Also, many of the buildings that you can build cost only wood to build - buildings that cost you gold to buy won't come up until later in the game, and even then they will be few and far between.

When you take a villager out to chop wood, you can only chop 3 at a time; however, this means you can only have 3 trees waiting to be chopped at one time (I.E. with the yellow glow around them after clicking them). To get around this, simply wait until one of the three trees is chopped (has the wood icon above it, ready to collect), then click another one that hasn't been chopped. Keep doing this and your villager can chop unlimited amounts of wood in a much quicker time, but make sure to only click the ones that your villager can get to. Take your villager to the nearest forest and then click all of the outside trees in this manner. Then, once they're all chopped, collect on them, and chop down the next layer. Keep it going until the forest is all chopped down, and then move on to the next forest. This is a quick and easy way to collect lots of wood.

When you are under attack by trolls when this is happening, but you don't have soldiers and villagers in place to defend against the trolls, close out of the Social Empires browser window, and then reopen it, and all of the trolls will be back in their starting spots. Do this and you won't lose any of your population when trolls attack and you are not ready.

When you are attacking trolls, keep your soldiers and villagers from attacking the wooden walls around the troll villages. They give you absolutely nothing for destroying them, they take forever to destroy, and there is always a way around them, meaning you can focus your population's attack power on destroying trolls, defense towers, and troll buildings instead.

Invading other villages is the best way to gain large amounts of gold and experience points, but even if you level up your barracks and other soldier-training areas, don't even bother attacking other villages unless you are taking a large army with you. With the massive amounts of gold you can earn from attacking other empires, you can go to the marketplace and buy anything you need (such as wood or stones) far more quickly than you can replace it on your own without the marketplace. Once your army is large enough to successfully attack other empires without doing in your entire army, invasions should be your primary focus in the game, even before destroying the new troll villages which pop up while you're playing. However, if you're running low on wood and can't buy more in the marketplace due to too many uses that day, always have a villager chop down the nearest forest.

Don't be afraid to abandon an invasion if you know it's not going to go well or you're completely overmatched. It's better to earn less and keep your army than to get your entire army destroyed and to use up precious resources. Sometimes, you can even destroy what (and who) you can, earn a good amount of experience points, and then leave while you still have a good chunk of your army left, so that you aren't using all of your newly earned gold and resources on rebuilding.

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