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Dated: 7:54am on Monday 10th June 2019

A Quick Start Detailed Guide About Strategy Tips, Tricks.

Introduction : Stormfall: Age of War

Welcome to the most complete Stormfall: Age of War walkthrough on the internet. Use this guide as a quick start article if you are new to the game. We created separate and detailed guides on most of the game features that require it, like Raiding or Units strategies. If we were to give you a single useful tip when starting out, this would be to follow Oberon task chain, the game is flooded with options and you will simply get lost if you try figuring out things by yourself. The logs are always located on the right side of the screen and you will also see battle warnings and in-game ad offers as well. Besides, complete the tasks will give you rewards to help you level up and construct new buildings fairly quick during your early stages.



 stormfall age of war

There are three type of resources in Stormfall: Age of War; Gold, Iron and Food. You need them to construct buildings, discover Lost Arts and produce units.

The amount of Gold and Iron you can gain per per hour depend on the number of fields you have for these Resources. It varies for different Castles – some have more encampments, others have more ore fields, the terrain you are given is random and cannot be modified.

You can make up for the discrepancy by trading Resources with other players.

How do you produce more Gold, Iron and Food?. To gain more resources, construct and upgrade Townhouses and Mines and resource buildings – such as the Forge and Dungeons. The amount of Gold and Iron you can store is limited by your warehouse capacity. Upgrade your warehouse to store more resources (once you reach the Gold, Iron or Food limit, you will see the “limit” word in red letters right next to the resource, upgrading the warehouse increases the limits.)

Food is collected from Farms. Build and upgrade your farms and the Spring of Life to increase the rate at which you collect Food.

The amount of Food you can store in your Castle is limited by the capacity of your Barns. Make sure you upgrade your Barn at the same rate at which you increase your food revenue or anything over your capacity will go to waste. (The same goes for your warehouse).

You also need Food to maintain your Units. Every military Unit in the game consumes its own set level of Food per hour. If you run out of Food, your forces will begin to starve and desert you. You can exchange excess Resources or Food at the market for Resources or Food you’re low on. Your friends and allies can also gift them to you. – or you can steal them from other Castles during Raids.


You can use Sapphires to temporarily boost your resource production for 3 days by 25% (see the Sapphires section below). There are also special relics which can improve the production statistics of your Castle (see the “Relics” section for more details).



Sapphires give you extra advantages in the game (these are considered hard currency)

Get a 3-day boost to your Gold, Iron or Food production by 25%

Boost the rate of your building construction , reduce the time needed to discover Lost Arts, and speed your Unit production.

They allow you to produce Imperial Units

Purchase Fortifications, Improvements and exclusive Units

Expand your castle

Purchase additional Saphhires at the Bank by selecting the “Bank” button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You can get free Sapphires in several ways – completing the game tasks, leveling up, playing the game 5 days in a row, placing in the top Ranking positions, or by completing Feats of Valor.



 stormfall age of war


You must master the Lost Arts in order to access new types of buildings and Units. Construct the House of Scrolls to begin discovering new Lost Arts.

The more you upgrade the House of Scrolls, the faster you will finish discovering new Lost Arts. Discovering each Lost Art costs Gold, Iron and Food. The more advanced the Lost Art, the more expensive it is. The cost of discovering a give Lost Art will become progressively more expensive with each Mastery Level.

After a certain point you will find that you need to adquire a set number of Scrolls to unlock discovering on a new specific Lost Art. You will get a new Scroll from your Scribe every day you play, but you must have a complete set of specific scrolls for a given Lost Art before you can begin research. For example, if you have 3/6 Scrolls for Runic Blades and 5/8 for Wyvern’s Blood, you still can’t discover either one.

You can trade with other players for specific scrolls you need, so in this case Trade 3 of your Runic Blades Scrolls for 3 more Wyvern’s Blood Scrolls, then you can begin discovering Wyvern’s Blood.


 stormfall age of war

You will gain access to a variety of different kinds of Units; Infantry, Cavalry, Occult Units, and Bestiary Units. You can use them to protect your Castle,, besiege or raid other Castles, and support your Allies, in coordinated campaigns. Discover the Lost Arts and construct new Buildings to unlock new, more powerful Units. Given the complexity of this topic, we’ve created a separate Stormfall: Age of War units guide, where we explain in detail the Offense and defense, regular vs imperial units, Unit Statistics, Wraiths and how to properly make use of your units when sending them battle.



 stormfall age of war

There are several types of buildings in the game, and each is connected to a different sphere of your Castle’s life. They fall under the following categories: Military, Command, Resource, Improvements, Fortifications and Black Market.

Without some Buildings basic player interactions such as war, trade, and exchanges between Allies are unavailable. You will need to discover certain Lost Arts and produce resources in order to construct new buildings.

To construct a building do the following:

  1. Once in your Castle, click on the Constructions icon on the right-hand side of the screen (hammer icon)


  1. Choose the desired tab (Resources, Defensive, Etc) and building.


  1. Read the information regarding the cost and requirements for construction – many of the buildings require a certain Lost Art or substancial upgrading of other buildings before they can be built


  1. Click build, choose a place inside the Castle, and start construction. Some buildings can also be constructed in designated areas within your Castle, they will be highlighted with a green frame.

For example, Fortifications can be constructed only on the Castle Perimeter sections highlighted in Grey. The same goes for several of the Improvements that can only be installed on Gates and Towers.



 stormfall age of war

The Counselors, located on the middle of the top toolbar section, help you keep track of changes in your Castle and update you on interactions with the others Lords of Stormfall (do not worry, they are just human players.)

Grand Marshal.

This character is responsible for providing you with battle reports, your military affairs, not only Raid reports are included, but also:

Your Spy mission results;

  • Other player attempts to spy on your Castle;
  • Other player’s attempts to spy on your Allies’ Castles;
  • Tracking Reinforcements to and from your Castle;
  • Other player’s threats to attack your Castle;
  • Other player’s threats to attack your Allies’ Castle;
  • Results of battles between your units and Enemy’s Units;
  • Results of battles between your Allies’ units and Enemy’s Units;
  • Any event involving Reinforcements you have sent to your Allies or occupied territories

Lord Steward.

Your Lord Steward keeps you up to speed on your commercial activity. The Lord Steward reports on;

  • Caravans arriving to your Castle
  • Your Caravans arriving at their destination Castle
  • Other players exchange requests



Your herald keeps you informed on the status of offered and current Alliances. The Herald reports on:

  • “Alliance” offers sent to you
  • New Allies
  • Termination of Alliances
  • League Invitations



Your Scribe updates you on the status of your Lost Arts. The Scribe reports on;


  • Lost Arts discovery completion
  • Scrolls exchangeg with other players
  • New scrolls deciphered by your Scribe
  • Lost Arts upgrade



Interacting with other Storfall: Age of War players, known as Lords will be the key feature of your gameplay experience. To succeed you will need to master all the different ways of influencing and engaging other Lords. There are several ways to do this. You can interact with your fellow neighbors from the map interface by going to the map and positioning your mouse over another Lord’s Castle and choosing an action from the range of options offered in the pop-up menu.

You can also interact by visiting their Castle. Go to the other Lord’s Castle, click actions on the right menu and choose the action you want to perform. Alternatively, you can perform most interactions from your military and Command buildings.

As you make more contacts (can be friend or foe), you will find that keeping track of them will be easier from the Command building interfaces rather than scrolling on the map. You can perform military actions, conduct diplomacy, and engage in trade from the keep, Embassy and Market, respectively.



 stormfall age of war

Once you get most of your buildings up and already gone through Oberon’s tutorials, you will spend most of your time doing exactly this, Raiding. Calculating how long will it take your units to go, battle and then come back will be crucial to your success when growing your small town into an empire. You’re not simply raiding a Ogre’s Cave just for the sake of it, you are obtaining XP points, which are meant for levelling. Other human players cannot raid your city if you’re a much lower level than them, and it’s highly suggested that you raid computer battlegrounds lots of times until you understand the gameplay mechanics fairly well.   Raiding is a rather complex feature.

 stormfall age of war


Read guide on spying before sending your silent one when you’re not yet prepared.



 stormfall age of war

You can send letters to other players through the game message system. To send letters to your friends and Allies, click “Letters” on the user menu. In the inbox folder you will find letters received from your friends, Allies, and Enemies.

In the sent tab you will find letters you’ve sent to other Lords. To write a new letter, click “New Letter”. Choose a Lord from the list, enter the message subject, type the text, and click “Send”. You can also exchange letter with other players by going to the map, placing your cursor over the player’s castle, and clicking the envelope icon. Then simply enter your message text and click “Send”.

To stop receiving communications from other users, add them to your blacklist. Messages from users on your blacklist will be automatically deleted. Open the “Mail” window and click the “Block User” button to blacklist a player.



You can send messages to other online players in real-time using the game’s chat function. To use chat, click on the Chat button on the right side of the bottom bar, on your friends panel. You can interact with other players from the Chat interface by clicking on another Lord’s name and choosing a desired action (Open Profile, Add to Contacts) from the pop-up menu.



To view your rankings against other players, click Rankings from the user menu. Global ranking displays your position against all the users the play Stormfall: Age of War. The Friends Ranking shows your position among all your Friends that play Stormfall.

Rankings are divided into Legends, Champions and Current Ranking according to level of importance. Legends displays the name of all players to ever place in the Weekly Rankings. Champions displays the name of all players that took top positions last week. Current rankings shows the current players relative positions.

There are 4 types of Rankings:

  • Offense – ranks the players who defeated the largest number of enemy units while attacking other Castles.
  • Defense – ranks the players who defeated the largest number of enemy units while defending their own Castle.
  • Raid – ranks players who seized the largest amount of Resources when raiding other Castles.
  • Sieges – ranks players who laid seige upon the highest number of Castles.



You gain experience points for defeating Enemy Units, discovering Lost Arts, and constructing and upgrading buildings. Once you’ve gained the required number of experience points, you level up. The Experience progress bar is on the top menu, showing you how many more points you need before the next level. Each new level earns you Sapphires.

To find out how many experience points you get for discovering the Lost Arts and constructing buildings, open a Lost Arts information window in the Lost Arts panel, or view info about the building in the construction tab. Your level serves to show other players your progress in the game. Players can view each others levels by visiting their castles, or from the map.

You will receive Skull Runes with every new experience level you reach in the game. The number of Runes received with each level up will increase over time:

Here is the table of Skull Runes obtained on each level range:

  • Levels 16-30 2 runes
  • Levels 31-60 4 Runes
  • Levels 61-75 6 Runes
  • Levels 76+ 8 Runes


Skull Runes cannot be bought at the black market, given as gifts, or traded. Skull Runes have been applied retroactively t reflect your current experience level.


 stormfall age of war

To go to the map, click “Map” on the right hand side of the screen icon. You can always come back clicking on the “door” icon on the right-hand side of the screen as well.

You will notice that all Castles have x coordinates (number at the bottom of the screen) and y coordinates (numbers on the left of the screen), you can position the mouse on any player’s Castle and see their complete coordinates right below their names.

The map also contains the location for known enemy bases.



To move any of your buildings within your perimeter, click on the “Edit” button on the right-hand side of the screen. Click on the object you want to move. You can also rotate them. Some objects can only move along the outside perimeter, such as fortifications, and cannot be placed inside the Castle’s inside perimeter. Click on save to finish the modifications made.

While modifying your Castle’s perimeter Fortifications and improvements, remember that there are 2 levels – lower (Walls, towers and Gates) and upper (Catapults, Ballistae, Sentries, etc, these can only be placed on top of towers and gates)



You can do this by clicking on the player’s photo, clicking on the chat button, go to the lord’s castle and click on open profile. Even though you cannot see the number and type of units another player has, you can see the following info; Coordinates, current level, Feats of Valor, League, player’s Offense, Defense, Raid and Siege points.



This is the list of achievements of Stormfall: Age of War. Click the “Feats of Valor” button, represented by a crown icon on the top-left hand corner of the screen to check out your medallions. You can use the Hints next to each type of Medallion to find out how you can earn one.



Battlegrounds are locations on the Map that have either been occupied by Balurs Orcish horde. or are under threat of imminent attack. By waging war upon these Battlefields you can claim valuable trophies and Quest items. liberate friendly Units. seize Resources. or gain Experience Points. If you cannot find the Battleground

Be forewarned – these battles may cost you dearly in men and Resources. and a reward is not always guaranteed to the victor… While many may contain valuable Resource caches or captured friendly Units – some will offer nothing but hordes of Enemies and the opportunity to earn Experience Points. if you are victorious and gain nothing – take heart… Each Battlefield you rid of the Enemy significantly increases your odds of receiving a bonus on your next attempt – so keep trying!




Each Settlement pays its conqueror Tribute in one of the three main types of Resources (Gold, lron, and Food), or in Sapphires. There are three types of Settlements: Large. Medium, and Small The amount of Resources received from the Settlement per hour and the total amount of the Tribute available depends on its size. The larger the Settlement. the more Resources it can collect per hour. and the greater its total worth. When all the Tribute at a Settlement has been collected (or its time limit expires] it will disappear from the Map. The time remaining until a Settlement disappears is displayed on the pop-up Map menu and at your Command buildings (Keep and Eagle’s Nest). Go to the Eagles Nest to detect new settlements . Every new Settlement starts off vacant and unguarded. so be the first to find the new ones! Any player can view the amount of Resources stored in the Settlement by placing their cursor over it.



Leagues allow Lords to unite their Allies under a well-organized command structure with one name, banner. and hierarchy. Each member of a League has their own credentials. duties. and responsibilities within the group.  


Hope our Stormfall Age of War walkthrough for beginners was of any help. Don’t forget to read the in-depth guides on other features of the game.

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