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Dated: 3:07am on Thursday 9th July 2015

Effective Fighting By Using Skills And Mercenaries in Sword Saga

Tips, if we use in a game, it can really help us on building stronger character. The powers given to us in the game, can be used effectively. I would like to give some tips in respect of skills and mercenaries. By using skills, you can take down people that might be a little bit stronger than you in Battle Rating.

Use of Skill : New players who are new in this field make many errors. They do not use their skill properly. As we know that this game has some different criteria than other games. In this game, some skills will empower other skills to be stronger. This is not just passive skills that will cause this effect, but also your active attack skills. It is important for you as a new player, to find your skill order and use it each fight, each and every time. You must start off with a rage building skill always. It would be preferred one that will add an effect or increase the power of the next skill which you plan to utilize in a fight.  Skill that has the bonus Immediately must be used immediately and continue down the line of skills that get buffed from the previous one. For you, an example of the gunner class is being given.

Gunner's third row of skills, concentrated shot, piercing shot..etc, will trigger the fourth row of skills that are passive. It can increase the power of explosive shot. Since explosive shot gets a damage increase after using piercing shot, that is my second skill used in a fight. The power of Trial Musket will be enhanced by Explosive shot. You must have seen that there is a specific order to use your skills.

Mercenaries :  You can pick three heroes and focus on them. You do not spread the skill books around every hero. It is recommended  that in your set up, you have a healer type, damage taker (tank) type, and damage dealer type. This will create a better balance and different situations can be handled by you suitably. You can use Crisesy and Angelina. You can alternate their shields and heals so that each round is protecting the party. You must ensure that you are not wasting a heal or shield when their hp is already full.

Mercenaries are an important tool to use to supplement your damage in solo arena, crypt, solo dungeons, and world boss. You will always get success with them when you  match their damage types to your own. For example, if you attack rows of targets, you make sure that your mercenary skills attack rows of targets as well. You do not set them to attack lines because you want to stack as much damage on possible to the targets you are already attacking. Being able to kill two out of four targets faster means you take less overall damage before you kill the opponent or die.

Enjoy the tips for doing better in game.

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