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Dated: 3:07am on Thursday 9th July 2015

To Raise Battle Rating (BR) In Sword Saga Use Enchant, Gems, Astrals, Draconguis, Mounts

You must enchant your equipment. It is necessary.  At each level, do maximum enchant of every piece of gear you wear. While moving onto a new piece of equipment, it is necessary for you that that you impart the chants and sockets the gems from old gear onto the new equipment.

Gems, Astrals, Draconguis, Mounts play vital role in BR.

Gems: Major boosts to your Battle Rating will come from the Gems you produce.  At this stage,  your main purpose is to increase your attack as it is not sure about the stats which are to be increased initially. Extra damage at very stage by you in a group will certainly  help you. Your next focus should be on HP. At this point, there can be very little natural defense for you. So, have patience and your  willingness will allow you to take more damage. After getting attack and HP, the next step will be at your own as to what stats you will enhance. At this point, starting building gems to be required for defense will be more beneficial  for you.

Astrals: The main purpose of Astrals will be to give smaller boosts to your Battle Rating. They will need gold to level.  Initially, Astrals will be small in quantity but after sometime, they will be increasing gradually.  Never try to rush the Astrals. You will get the same randomly.  Whereas you want to have the same astrals equipped which you equip through your gems. Not much point to have block astral on when you have no block gems equipped. 

Draconguis:  The main role of Draconguis is to give the highest increase in stats and Battle Rating. They will enhance your BR considerably.  So, make sure to have this level at all times. From the crypt, starmoon crystals will come to you. So, continue and do not miss a day of Crypt farming.

Mounts :  The amount of mounts can be enhanced by taking some steps. Mounts you will get as a free player. It is very easy job. With crypt tokens, mount cards can be purchased by you. After that, you can synthesize them in the blacksmith, and can buy them with balens.  When you feed oats to your mount, you will be surprised to get mount shards and also mount pieces each and every time. By using advanced training by you, you will get 1 shard using 4 oats.  By using training by you, using 1 oat, you get 1 shard. So it would be beneficial for you to train each stat by 1 oat at a time as you will get more shards easier and faster.  You can synthesize your mounts very early and you just need to buy yellow crystals from the crypt shop.  100 yellow crystals can be bought by 100 Crypt tokens that you need to make an Arrogant Lion. Suppose, you get 305 mount shards  from feeding oats to your mount. You will realize that this is the simple, easiest and  fastest method to get mounts.

If you use these tips carefully,  you would be happy to see that your BR is raising faster and you will also become more effective when you become stronger.

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