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Dated: 7:47am on Monday 10th June 2019

Tips and Tricks to play T-Spin Combo : Tetris Battle

This is a harder and more challenging method because you have to set the game interface and stacks that would enable you to do a T-Spin. The T-Spin is a combo in Tetris Battle that specializes in “spinning” the T shaped Tetromino and stacking them into your T-spin slots!


The Tricky T-Spins 

Normally, you can do single T-spins by creating a T-spin slots anywhere in the game interface. This is what you can find in the T-spin tutorial at the Tetris Battle (actual game) Tips and Tricks section tab. 


In this guide, we will show you some techniques and tricks on how to create multiple T-spin slots that will enable you to do consecutive T-spins! This will give your opponent an early KO or multiple KO! 

 Types of T-Spins

1)    Normal T-Spins 

  • Check the Tutorial in the Tetris Battle (actual game) Tips and Tricks Section Tab.

2)    Double T-Spins 


tetris battle

  • Check the Tutorial


3)    Triple T-Spins 

tetris battle

  • Check the Tutorial


Always remember, practice will always be you first step to success! Use the Tuning section of the game to freely practice without consuming any energy. 


Recommended Tuning Upgrades for T-Spinners 

  • Soft Drop Speed: For speed! 
  • Next Piece Queue: For strategic use.

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