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Dated: 2:49am on Sunday 16th July 2017

the sim free play is a game where you build dream homes purchase and wear different outfits and do marriage and have babies.

The Sim free play is a nice and simple game. Achieving various level is not a big deal and having efficiency matters a lot so if you want efficiency then follow these tricks...

  • Clean up the mess- clean up the mess and get some life style points for doing so.
  • Purchase the community center- Buying the community center will allow your SIMS to have a hobby. Hobbies run the game it from figure skating to ghost hunting and there will earn you more rewards, completely the aim collected will earn you even bigger rewards.
  • Driving can earn you LPS and money- If your SIMS go out and drive, you can earn both simoleons and life style points. Try to catch the music notes for more money and possibly same LP if you look out while doing this and tapping the notes.
  • But more than one item- Try to create something that takes a while to be created.
  • Spend you money wisely- Sell items you don't need anymore and do the right things in the game.

                              i hope u like itsmile

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